Thursday 1 August 2013

Labour for Independence Former MSP

Was having a wee think to myself about Glenn Campbell's piece where he said
One former Labour MSP told me recently that he was considering voting "yes" in the referendum because devolution had not prevented a Conservative-led government at Westminster imposing welfare cuts in Scotland.
He is not, as far as I know, a member of Labour for Independence.
I wondered who it might be and thought about who has been a Labour MSP and is no longer there.  I could think of 44 (I may have missed some or made other mistakes - I had James Kelly and Patricia Ferguson in there as no longer being MSPs on the first pass - and I don't care enough to check).  This is what I think; feel free to judge it for yourself.
Wendy Alexander
Nae idea - probably not, she was always awfy strident
Scott Barrie
Rhona Brankin 
The rocks would melt wi the sun first
Bill Butler 
Didn't even want devolution, never mind independence
Cathie Craigie
Doesn't have the imagination
Margaret Curran
Possible?  Where is Damascus?
Susan Deacon
Went off and became a success in academia, I believe, and wrote a decent report that influenced decision-making in early years policy.  Thoughtful, intelligent woman who never disparaged independence.  Possible, but I'm not sure she would be wanting to comment to any journalist on the constitution when she clearly has many other things to talk about.  Glenn might have asked her, of course...
Brian Fitzpatrick 
I think he'd rather gouge his own eyes out with the clippings of his own toenails
George Foulkes
We already know that George has formed Lords for Independence, so it's possible (I made that up)
Sam Galbraith 
Erm, nah!
Marlyn Glen 
Karen Gillon 
Wouldn't think so
Trish Godman 
Dunno but I doubt it
Charlie Gordon 
Already made supportive comments some time ago - wouldn't be worth reporting, would it?
Janis Hughes 
Gordon Jackson 
Wouldn't imagine he cares
Sylvia Jackson 
Cathy Jamieson 
Maybe, you never know - but I doubt it.  Then again, her party leader came out in favour of independence a while back ...
Margaret Jamieson 
Andy Kerr 
Marilyn Livingstone 
I doubt it
Kate Maclean 
Possible but working for CAB now (I think) so probably not
Maureen Macmillan
Don't think she has the imagination
Christine May 
Dear lord, I'd forgotten this horror.  Definitely not
John McAllion 
Already nailed his colours to the mast as a supporter of independence - in the SSP still, I think
Frank McAveety 
Might be, you know - just thinking it's time
Tom McCabe
Maybe, but I suspect unlikely
Jack McConnell 
Nah, loving the ermine and being pompous
Henry McLeish 
Possible, but I don't think he's convinced yet
Pauline McNeill 
Nah.  Terribly polite in her victory speeches at elections, I'm sure, but not a Yes voter
Alasdair Morrison 
Maybe.  Doubtful but maybe
Bristow Muldoon
Works for RSE these days so probably not commenting on independence
Mary Mulligan 
Irene Oldfather 
Definitely not
John Park
Doesn't have the imagination to see the possibilities
Peter Peacock 
Wouldn't think so
Cathy Peattie 
John Home Robertson
Probably in favour but would never say it
Elaine Thomson
Erm - nah!
Mike Watson
Well, he's probably got a burning ambition for Scotland
Ian Welsh 
The first to resign from Scotland's parliament.  Appointment to public office probably means he's not speaking out.
Karen Whitefield
Wouldn't imagine so
David Whitton
Definitely not
Allan Wilson 
And eh, and eh, nah....

Some trip through dark places that was!  I still don't know who the former MSP on the fringes of Labour for Independence is but I do know that many more Labour members will join the group.  In the meantime, listen to this.