Thursday 13 December 2007


Oh the fun, the games, the witty repartee, the Glasgow banter (or Aiberdeenshire).
Everybody's favourite milk monitor was in finger-wagging mood today, claiming that the Salmond chappie had broken the rules. Apparently there's an American with a really bad heid rug who wants to build some stuff in Salmond's constituency and has had a meeting with the First Minister.
Whoop-de-doo I hear you say. Ach, it's quite important, hear me out on this. The Ministerial Code (not like Morse Code, more like a Dae This And Dinna Dae That Code) forbids, bans and prohibits Minsters interfering in planning decisions in their constituencies. So the question is whether the auld FM chap interfered.

The case for the prosecution rests on three things:
1. Alex Salmond turned up at the meeting with Trump's people in a Ministerial car
2. He met Trump but didn't meet with everyone else within a couple of days
3. There were some Trump people in the office of the Chief Planner when he made a phone call.

Looks like an open and shut case, except:
1. Well, if he was coming from Ministerial business that would be spot on. You'll note that the car didn't wait to take him home.
2. He'd already met the other people.
3. So what? What's wrong with those people being in the office when the call was made?

Is this the best we can expect from the opposition? They really should try to toughen up.

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