Monday, 15 December 2008


Once there was a spider got trapped inside a computer and built himself a website ...

Now there's a campaign to get Scots culture its own internet presence.



James said...

The quality of our culture isn't measured by the letters at the end of our URLs, I'm afraid. Aren't there more important things to campaign for, like, well, anything else?

Calum Cashley said...

Hmmm, let's take that argument to its logical conclusion; i.e. that we can only be interested in the most important thing so can only support one thing.

Firstly, you'd have to decide what you thought was most important. Say, for example, saving whales or rising sea levels coming out as your top two, then having to choose between them. Then you'd have to take action on only one, ignoring the other one, but presumably keeping an eye on the other one in case it became more important, thus being less effective than if you had acted on a range of related concerns. Sea Shepherd or Greenpeace is the comparison that springs to mind.

It's quite acceptable for people to lend their support to more than one cause, and quite acceptable for those causes to be of differing scales. You can't measure culture - one of my favourite pieces of lunacy from the previous administration in Scotland was the pledge to increase culture by 3% - but you can offer Scottish culture a common online presence.

I'm in favour of allowing Scots that branding for our culture and I applaud the guys who have been running the .scot campaign - people like that with a spark of imagination and a wee bit of ambition are to be praised, I believe.

skip said...

our own .sco or .scot presence on the world-wide-web is something that our people should at least have the choice to use if we want to.

until we gain independence we must win as much as we can afterall having a normal online status is part of our identity.

yeah its not as important to me as political independence... but its still something worth having if we can get it.