Thursday, 12 February 2009

Addiction is a terrible thing

Iain Gray's got form.

Am Fear Liath Mòr was in fine fettle today, ripping up the SNP's 2007 manifesto (well, just the cover - and it had been precut, but there you go) in a dramatic gesture of the type he is most definitely unsuited to. He's done it before, though:

"I thought I could handle it, I thought 'maybe just the one', I didn't think it would turn into a habit, now I find I've got my eyes on a couple of other Scottish ones and then, maybe, I'll have to turn to the Portuguese stuff."

Hide your phone books, I say!


Anonymous said...

Calum, if my Gaelic is adequate you are calling him The Big Grey Man, but when I saw him recently he appeared less big than beag. Mind you he was slouched against a wall outside the St James Centre in Edinburgh, drawing on his fag and dressed in jeans.
You know when you really regret not having a camera with you --I did then.
Big or small, he is a plonker.

Word verification= forinat!

McChatterer said...

I've seen him - am fear liath beag is more apt!