Friday, 19 February 2010


One of the finest things that the SNP Government has done (and there have been very many very fine things) is the Cashback for Communities scheme. When criminal types get their collars grabbed by that well-known long arm the accountants get sent in and the criminals' ill-gotten gains are seized by the state. The Scottish Government then recycles that money and provides resources for sports equipment and training, musical type things and other arty stuff like drama and painting - concentrated mainly on the areas blighted by crime. Excellent idea!

I see it was proclaimed loudly today by a pair of Reid twins (sorry about that terrible pun) at the Reeltime Music project in Newarthill, Lanarkshire. Well done to the pop-star types for taking a wee interest in such things, I say!

Round 3 of the funding has closed, but round 4 should be coming in April so if you've got a project that could do with the assistance, get ready to make a bid.

I have no idea why Kenny MacAskill is having a cup of tea with a pony in this photograph from the website, though:

Mind how you go.

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