Sunday 24 April 2011

Labour reshuffle?

Twitter was alive last night with strong rumours about a Labour reshuffle at Iain Gray's relaunch tomorrow, the story being that Andy Kerr was about to be dropped from Labour's front bench as a result of a series of poor performances.  The rumours were so strong that Labour was forced to issue a denial to Angus Macleod of the Times.  Strikes me that it's possible that Iain Gray bottled it when it came to the crunch or that Kerr is indeed going and Angus spoke to a member of Labour staff who hadn't been informed about the plan.

I had thought that a relaunch 10 days out from polling was a strange measure smacking of desperation but when the relaunch starts to go wrong on top of the entire campaign going wrong, Labour must really be in trouble.  In the aftermath of the 2007 election a friend of mine remarked that he thought Labour would look back on the leadership of Jack McConnell as their halcyon days.  I thought he was daft at the time but it's starting to look like he's a bit of a clairvoyant.

Mind you go!


ccfc said...

Can you really relaunch the Titanic?

Dubbieside said...

Viewed from the back of a Sub(way) anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Richard Baker would be staying?


No more than they can relaunch the TitanUK which is what we are on at the moment.
I favour getting off as soon as possible........that big Alex Salmond iceberg looks like a safer bet, and its getting bigger the closer we get.