Saturday, 14 January 2012

Typical! They always want to trump you!

You say nothing for a wee while and you get some peace, you make a tiny wee observation and ...

Yesterday I pointed out that Labour was whinging about not being consulted about the independence referendum (in spite of the fact that everyone will be consulted) when its members were at liberty to take part in the National Conversation from its start date some four years ago or so.  Within minutes I was being given lawyerly advice that I hadn't gone back far enough.

"That's nothing," quoth m'learned friend, "they're all demanding a referendum as soon as possible but if they'd supported Salmond's amendment to the referendum legislation in 1997 we would have had an independence referendum on September 11th 1997 - but they didn't."

"Not even George Foulkes?"

"Not even oor wee George."

Lawyers!  Take my advice - don't listen to them!

Mind how you go!


Anonymous said...

Would that be Michael Moore's name I see in the Division voting against a referendum?

cynicalHighlander said...

OT: for your info re BBC Scotland.