Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Interesting wee facts from the local elections

Being a tad insomniac I arose in the middle of the night and had a look at last week's election and what I saw was interesting showing little perhaps, but interesting nonetheless.

Of all the wards in all the councils throughout Scotland where political candidates were elected (excluding Dunoon ward which will vote on Thursday coming), there are only 15 in which the SNP does not have an elected councillor.  The figures for the other parties are; Labour 95 misses, Conservatives 233 misses, Lib Dems 273 misses.  Given that these stats cover 339 wards, that means that the SNP has representation in 324 wards (and, with luck, will add Dunoon), Labour in 244 wards, Conservatives in 106 wards, and the Lib Dems in 66 wards.  Given that the Greens only brought back 14 councillors in the whole country it seems a shame to pick on them.

So the SNP represents 80 more wards than Labour, 218 more wards than the Conservatives, and 258 more wards than the Lib Dems - out of 339 wards.

Even more fun - these wards cover 30 councils and in 23 of those 30 councils the SNP had a councillor elected in every single ward, those councils with total geographical SNP coverage are:


East Ayrshire
East Dunbartonshire
East Lothian
North Ayrshire
North Lanarkshire
Perth & Kinross
South Ayrshire
South Lanarkshire
West Dunbartonshire
West Lothian

That seems quite impressive.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Calum, nice to see your insomnia has some positive outcome.

I have shared this via Facebook.

Don't leave it so long next time!