Saturday, 12 January 2008

Helen Eadie, Helen Eadie, we'll support you evermore!

It can't carry on, Windy Alexander swaying back and forward and singing "Trust in me", it's sure that her time is up and Labour needs a new leader.

I say it again - there is no better candidate than Helen Eadie, the best MSP in the Labour group. Not only is she a visionary who wants rid of the Forth Bridge and the woman who can imagine Marie Antionette right across that river,

I say to Mr Swinney that the reason why I do not trust the SNP and the Liberal party in Fife is that my people cannot have their cake. The Government is saying of my people "Let them eat cake", but some of them cannot afford cake after the increases that they have faced in social work charges. Some of them might not be able to eat anything. Some people in Fife have seen their social work charges go from £273 a year up to nearly £8,000 a year. The Government tells them to eat cake, but they are some of the most frail, vulnerable and dependent people in our community. Under an SNP Government, that is what happens to support for the needs of people in our communities.
but she is also the woman who can mend the Labour party - who else could win a Fife constituency in spite of coming from Stenhousemuir? I tell you she is a missionary come to deliver Labour from the disaster they are marching into.

Not only that, she's one of the few who hasn't been tainted by association with the Lib/Lab pact that made a mess of Scotland for eight years. She stands in a class of her own to such an extent that she never felt the need to accept Ministerial office when Labour was in Government - she never even accepted convenorship of a Parliamentary Committee. A woman of honour whose dignity didn't allow her to get down and dirty with Jack McConnell and his exceedingly large cabinet.

There's even a campaign song to the tune of the Arnold Rimmer song from Red Dwarf:

If you're in trouble she will save the day
She's brave and he's fearless come what may
Without her Labour would go astray

She's Helen, Helen, Helen Eadie
Without her Labour is far too greedy
She's handsome, trim, and not too needy
She will never look too beady
She's Helen, Helen, Helen Eadie


Craig said...

Why was she talking about cake?!

Calum Cashley said...

If anyone can answer this question, I'd like to know as well.

Anonymous said...

helen eadie is a conviction politician. a rare breed. yes she follows much of the party line but don´t think for a moment she wouldn´t digress if she felt it were right. she is coming to the end of her career and has nothing to loose. she is absolutely right in hightlighting the plight of her constituents in as flowery or direct way as she sees fit to get attention to the issue. now that it has been raised (thanks to her) let us discuss its merits independent of who raised them.