Saturday, 30 August 2008

What about these donations?

All I want to do is lay these facts out and see how they dry in the sun.

T-Systems was selected to stage 2 of the procurement for Services and Systems for UK Census 2011 Contract Route A in May 2006.
Made a donation to the Labour Party of £10,575 in July 2006 – the only donation T-Systems has ever made to a political party.
Shortlisted for contract on 25th October 2006.
KPMG gave one donation to the Labour Party of £4,500 on 7th October 2005 – the same month they were engaged to provide ongoing advice to the government on the London Olympics.
KPMG also made one donation to the Tories in November 2004 – six months before the last election. The company also makes its staff available to the three London parties on a regular basis (donations in kind)

GNER began donating to the Labour Party in November 2004 in the run-up to the franchise renewal in May 2005. 8/11/04 - £5,449; 31/12/04 - £220; 8/2/05 - £7.050; 3/6/05 - £450; 10/7/05 - £470; 4/10/05 - £6,000; 7/11/05 - £5,000. The payments ended when GNER failed in a bid for the Integrated Kent Franchise. The government asked GNER to surrender its East Coast Main Line franchise in December 2006.

Paul Drayson (Powderject) donated £50,000 to Labour while the government was deciding who would get the contract (worth £20 million) to supply smallpox vaccines. Powderject won that contract.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Looks like Brown and Darling's argument that it is all the fault of the world economy is looking a bit threadbare now.

Channel 4 News, 02 Sep 2008

"The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said the UK would be the only leading industrial nation to shrink in two consecutive quarters, the definition of a recession."

Who can they blame now when the only people who are responsible for the UK's position being worse than everyone else is ... Brown and Darling.