Sunday 28 December 2008

Labour policies immoral

I see some Anglican bishops have called the policies of the Labour Government immoral and it's become a story.  Given that these church leaders are supposed to deal in morality every week, surely the bigger surprise is that it has taken them this long to realise, especially since Labour's own members have been calling the Labour Government "economically inept, morally repugnant and spiritually bereft" since 1998.

Meanwhile, back at the disaster zone, world saviour Gordon Brown is saying that the recession is a test of character (wonder if he created this enormous mess just to let us all prove our worth and feel better about ourselves?) and that he wants us all to display the same spirit as our predecessors did in World War Two.  "Jings, Crivvens, Help Ma Boab, Peter, it's all going down the pan, what's the emergency procedure?"

"Calm down, Gordon, if you just relax it will all go fine.  When it's this far out of control there's only one thing to do."

"Excellent, Peter, I knew I could lean on you.  What do we do?"

"Bring out the blitz?"

"Genius!  Wheel out the old Joanna, get on the pearly suit, up the apples and pears, bring out yer dead!  It'll be just like the olden days, eh?  Do you think they'll say I'm like Churchill?"

"Er, no."

Mind how you go!

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