Monday 20 April 2009

Red Rag

The proposed Labour attack blog known as Red Rag has had a fair bit of press recently - you may have noticed - but no-one seems to be questioning the right of Mr Charles Whelan and his cadre of conspirators to use Unite's resources for such purposes.

If you were paying your union dues into this union and it was abusing your resources in this manner, would you not be slightly irritated?

Ochone, ochone, it's a terrible to-do!


subrosa said...

It's amazed me for years Calum the apathy of union members about where their money goes.

Will they waken up or do they think continuing to give it to the labour party will keep them in a job? Possibly the latter.

Anonymous said...

Now now Calum. How can you credibly comment on others using smears for political ends with your history?

Calum Cashley said...

Well, firstly, I didn't comment on Labour's use of smears for political ends nor on Labour's intention to use lies and unfounded and, frankly, shameful innuendo about their opponents and the families of their opponents.

Secondly, I don't tell lies about my political opponents - pointing out the truth about Labour is more than good enough

I wonder whether Unite members question where their money goes - I wonder whether Charlie Whelan et al appreciate that it is the members' money rather than the union's money - and I wonder whether Labour members, some of whom are fine and decent (if politically misguided) human beings, can find the energy to rebuild their party when these people have left it and gone on to some other questionable pursuit.