Tuesday 21 July 2009

Labour running scared

Labour's rationale for refusing to support the calling of the Glasgow North East plebiscite? You can't have an election during the school holidays. Up you could not make it. How can it possibly be better to force school pupils to have an extra day off school to accommodate polling? Does Labour employ someone to think this stuff up or does it just come naturally to them?


denver the last dinosaur said...

English schools went on holiay last week.

Voters in Norwich will go to the polls on Thursday, during the summer holidays.

Stuart Dickson said...

Hi Callum!

A belated thanks for the name-drop a few weeks ago.

Just to let you know that Shadsy of Ladbrokes has just posted the first prices for your constituency:

Edinburgh North & Leith

Labour 7/4
Liberal Democrats 2/1
Conservatives 7/2
SNP 4/1
Greens 50/1


As I said later on in the thread, that 4/1 on you winning looks like absolutely cracking value.

Calum Cashley said...

4/1? I don't use the bookies but if anyone fancies a fair chance of a return on their cash, 4/1 is a cracking price - nothing's ever a sure-fire bet in politics, but that seems a good shout.