Thursday 10 December 2009

Quite Tasmanian

Oh that wee spinnin de'il! Labour's oldest spinner in town has lifted himself up another gear and is now moving so fast his feet are in danger of catching light. In the aftermath of George Foulkes referring to Alex Salmond as Il Duce, Simon Pia (brought in by Wendy Alexander just in time to see her fall, retained by Iain Gray) sidled up to an SNP MSP and insisted "that was my idea, I said it first, he's just copying me"; a young SNP researcher received an email a couple of hours later from Signor Pia saying that he "was the first to compare the FM to Mussolini – also Fat Boab from Oor Wullie when I was at the Scotsman and it was read out in the chamber"; to put a bonny wee ribbon and a pretty bow on it all, when Iain Gray ran into trouble at the weekend over Labour's misuse of public property, his spindoctor came snarling out with an email to a journalist that said
If anyone one's got red face, it's you for writing that pish

All mistakes (c) Simon Pia (I wouldn't use language like that on my blog unless I was quoting).

Descending into insults seems to be the order of the day for Labour just now, though - Iain Gray sunk that far while asking questions of Alex Salmond earlier today. A sad way to go for the guy who aspires to be First Minister.


Sean said...

Thankfully Iain Gray's aspiration to be First Minister will remain just that: an aspiration.

He and his party are best described as a 'permanent embarrasment and an occasional disgrace'.

Anonymous said...

Well, he was left utterly speechless when his briefing notes turning up in Costa Coffee was revealed today.

But his insults really are nothing compared to the "fisty cuffs" gesture that he gave during FMQ a few weeks ago.

I thought that that little gesture marked his end....

It can only be a matter of time before he is replaced.

subrosa said...

But Calum, didn't Alex hit the insults on the head with his production of Gray's speech from last week? I thought it was a superb few moments and when the camera drifted over the labour benches...