Wednesday 27 April 2011

Keep the Balls in the air

One of the great, towering intellects of the last Labour Government (UK by the way), Edward Michael Balls, a former pupil of Nottingham High School and former member of the Oxford University Conservative Association has graced the Scottish election with his estimable presence and delivered to us the fruits of his great and deep thoughts (or perhaps he would rather have it as casting pearls before swine).

He informed us with great magnanimity that Labour's recession would have been disastrous for an independent Scotland.  Does he think it was good for a Scotland bound to the UK?

Then, of course, he suggested that a second term in Government for the SNP would be "complete disaster".  Seems to me that that's a bit of a flamin cheek considering the record of the UK Government that he was part of for so long.

Still, I'm delighted he took the time to visit.  Mind how you go!

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