Saturday 27 September 2008


The Campaign Against Responsible Drinking And Sobriety is an organisation opposed to some of the Scottish Government's proposals on changing the alcohol culture in Scotland. Interestingly, one of CARDAS' alternatives to the SNP proposals to change the alcohol culture is "change the culture" - up you could not make it...

Anyway, I had heard that CARDAS is funded by supermarkets - the very organisations which profit from high through-put volume in alcohol (and which help to put students' unions out of business through cheap off-sales). Now it's been pointed out to me that there are other backers - these ones actually recognised as supporters by CARDAS.

Step forward the Responsible Drinkers Alliance. Sounds like a fine organisation, doesn't it? Fine, upstanding people who enjoy a small dry sherry of a Saturday evening. Just like the Tobacco Institute researched lung cancer ...

If you follow the link from CARDAS' site you won't get anywhere. Remember what it says about the Responsible Drinkers Alliance there, though:
The Responsible Drinkers' Alliance was founded with assistance from the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) who felt that for too long the voice of the responsible consumer has been left out of the debate over the future role of alcohol in British society. The RDA aims to provide a forum for debate and a stronger voice for the responsible consumer on matters concerning alcohol.

You can find something very similar elsewhere on the web at the Drinkers Alliance.

There you have it - the drinks industry is funding opposition to any new restrictions on their industry - whodathunkit? CARDAS members are the patsies being duped, which is ironic, considering that CARDAS members include students' unions which would benefit from the more responsible attitude to drinking being promoted by the Scottish Government.

I'll come back at some point to go over the Drinkers Alliance facts, but here's a starter - why are some of them referenced and some not? I recommend everyone watches "Thank You For Smoking" - an excellent reference point.

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