Wednesday 24 September 2008

One hears, so one does ...

A whisper, carried on the wind, tells me that CARDAS - the Campaign Against Responsible Drinking And Sobriety - is funded by the supermarkets.

"Eh what?" says I, "Surely not!"

Also, Glasgow Nautical College has been closed by flooding - oh the irony.

There's evidence that Gordon Brown lied during his speech to Labour conference yesterday. What is it with Labour leaders and lying these days? Iain Gray repeated his lie about his name being on the first piece of legislation passed during his speech as well.

He who has a Tait is lost - you heard it here first!

Worst of all, I agree with a Times columnist

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Sean McLeod said...

The alternative of:

"My name was that last mentioned on the backing sheet of the fourth bill lodged with the Scottish Parliament, being the sixth which was passed, and in respect of which letters patent were issued by Her Majesty under the sign manual in terms of Section 38(3) and 113 of the Scotland Act 1998 and Part I of the Schedule to The Scottish Parliament (Letters Patent and Proclaimations) Order 1999 SI No. 737 on the ninth day of June in the year Two Thousand, the Keeper of the Scottish Seal appointed by the Treaty of Union to be kept and used in Scotland in place of the Great Seal of Scotland being commanded to seal the said letters patent."

... doesn't really make much of a soundbite or a claim to fame.

Oh, and the legislation abolished the Kindly Tenants of Lochmaben...

What had they done wrong?