Wednesday 17 June 2009

The Labour party

Having watched the moral decay of the Labour party - its abandonment of collectivism, its dismissal of those who think differently, its increasing lack of concern for those it once professed to champion, its increasing delight in dissembling, the disgusting behaviour of its MPs, the demagnetised moral compass, the apparent lack of any understanding of government or its purpose, its lack of rationale for all it does, the reduced irreducible core, the pandering to wealth at the expense of those in poverty, the rise of the careerist and the malady of 'Buggins Turn' - would Harold Wilson now say that the Labour party was nothing?


Pollster 2000 said...

...and breathe.

Stuart Dickson said...

Wanted: SNP Party Political TV Archive

An appeal for SNP party political television broadcasts is being made by a student at the University of Leipzig, in Germany.

Lena Rahel Petersen is planning to write her final year thesis on TV election campaigns by the SNP.

Jim said...


I'm going to nick that for wee yousuf to ignore.