Tuesday 2 June 2009

The March of the Scottish Greens

Stuart Dickson has pointed to the results of the Populus poll for the times (details published here) which puts the Greens into third place in Scotland for the European election when weighted for turnout (page 25):

SNP 36%
Lab 25%
Gre 11%
LD 10%
Con 9%

Let's d'Hont it:

Seat 1
SNP takes it, now on 18% - SNP 1 seat

Seat 2
Labour take, now on 12.5% - Lab 1 seat

Seat 3
SNP take, now on 12% - SNP 2 seats

Seat 4
Labour take, now on 8.33% - Lab 2 seats

Seat 5
SNP take, now on 9% - SNP 3 seats.

Seat 6
Greens take, now on 5.5% - Greens 1 seat

Scotland result - SNP 3 seats, Labour 2 seats and Greens 1 seat. The sample size is tiny but wouldn't that be a good result from Thursday's election?


James Mackenzie said...

Calum, the ComRes numbers (small subsample, beware) show us in 3rd as well, even better placed than that.

Pollster 2000 said...

4 MEPs from Scotland for the EFA/Green grouping in the European Parliament would be very welcome indeed.

McChatterer said...

Where have all the Labour lamppost posters gone? I have not seen any in the constituency (plenty of Green, SNP and Conservative though).