Friday 15 January 2010

The trials and tribulations of a rising Labour star

In the Scottish Parliament's allowances scheme it is forbidden to use the Parliament's money for party political campaigning - and quite rightly so. This means that you can't, for example, send out a mailshot at Parliament expense in the hope of gaining a party political advantage, but some unscrupulous MSPs do exactly that in the hope of gaining that political advantage without getting caught. You would think they'd be careful about it, wouldn't you? Seek to avoid getting caught.

Step forward Claire Baker MSP, rising star of the Labour party, a woman whose light eschews the comfort of the bushel and seeks its freedom to soar across the land. Mrs Baker's busy fingers typed a mailshot, printed thousands of them and placed them neatly into thousands of envelopes, addressed them to thousands of residents of Central Fife - including the constituency MSP, Tricia Marwick of the SNP who sits on the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body - the body that runs Parliament and adjudicates on such matters....

You would have thought that a little bit of forward thinking would be called for, wouldn't you?

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