Friday 16 November 2007

Another victim

There once was a chap by the name Brian Lironi who learned his journalistic trade in the hallowed lands of Dundee and who became political editor of the Sunday Mail.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Brian gave up that jetsetting high life to take a turn as heid bummer of Labour's media operation at Holyrood. Then Wendy Alexander took over. Labour's treatment of staff is famously bad, leading Robbie Dinwoodie to ask whether working for Wendy Alexander has become the equivalent of having your face gnawed off by rats.

After being called an 'idiot' in public by George Foulkes (surely taking irony to levels never before imagined?) and amid rumours (which were denied) that Ms Alexander had 'gone off on one' at him, Brian Lironi left - an escape that Indiana Jones would have marvelled at - and sought the refuge of Stephen Purcell in Glasgow Council.

Now news is coming through that another victim of the Alexander curse is to be Lesley Quinn who is leaving her employment with the Labour party. She's worked for the Labour party since 1981 and has been General Secretary in Scotland since November 1999, but has called it quits two months after Wendy Alexander took control.

There's also a rumour sneaking about that the curse will strike again and another media advisor will be lost. Well, Ms Alexander did promise change when she became Labour leader.

All we can do is wait with baited breath for the next exciting instalment of The Curse of the Wendy ...

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Mark McDonald said...

And to think most folk thought it was just a stereotype that Wendy wasn't very photogenic...