Thursday 29 November 2007

Well done that brave and faithful servant

There are bodyguards around the world who, it is understood, will get between their boss and the shooter to 'take the bullet'.
This is Secret Service Agent Timothy J McCarthy after doing just that (for Ronnie Reagan in 1981).

Until today, though, I never thought of Charlie Gordon as such a hero.Not even taking a bullet in this photo.

Charlie, though, has taken a bullet today - for Wendy Alexander. Here's the tale.

Wendy took a bung for her campaign from an impermissible donor,

Tom McCabe tried to cover it up by saying they arranged for him to get round the law by paying it through a company registered here. It was revealed that that was also illegal (dead easy to check, it's on the Electoral Commission's website)

Today it was revealed that Paul Green (the impermissible donor) gave a personal cheque to Wendy Alexander's campaign. That's a crime.

Charlie Gordon took the bullet, saying it was all his fault. I think you'd better rethink that, Charlie, it's quite serious.

Paul Green is in trouble because he gave the cheque when he wasn't allowed to.

Charlie Gordon is in trouble because he was the proxy.

Wendy Alexander is in trouble because it was her campaign that accepted it.

Tom McCabe is in trouble because he managed her campaign and should not have accepted a dodgy donation (it's his responsibility to check rather than accepting someone else's word for it).

Here are the questions which need answered:

1. Who were all the other donors? Were they legit?

2. Why did they all give less than the declarable limit?

3. Why do you need £17,000 for a leadership campaign for a party with 8,742 members (approximately)?

4. What do you do with £17,000 when the leadership campaign doesn't take place?

5. How many Labour donors are encouraged to make donations which keep them outwith the declaration limits in various ways?

6. How much longer does Wendy have as leader? The book's running - I'm saying 'gone by Christmas', but others are telling me that I'm hardly sticking my neck out with that.

7. Who takes over from Wendy? This week's shenanigans takes out Charlie-boy, David Whitton, and Tom McCabe. Does that just leave Iain Gray or is Margaret Curran coming up on the rails? Can we hear Jackie Baillie's hat being thrown into the ring?

8. Who's spiking Wenders? Who's laying out all the details that are doing her down? That's easy really - follow the money ...

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