Tuesday 20 November 2007

Driving out the Wendy Curse

Word reaches my ears that attempts are being made within the Labour group in the Scottish Parliament to drive out the Wendy curse.

With her record with staff being second to none (coughs quickly), other Labour MSPs are muttering darkly in the West Wing of Hobbit Burrows about having someone else choose the new spin doctor. Iain Gray as van Helsing - who'dathunkit?

Rumour has it that Wendy has a chap in mind who seems a decent enough chap, and in the meantime has nicked staff from two members of her group to keep her end up. One of the unfortunates whose head is on the block temporarily is Kezia Dugdale whose fine ramblings on her blog include these gems:

The real game in Scotland is what lies ahead upon the publication of a white paper on independence. Judging on the weekend’s papers, the press have a real appetite for another constitutional convention. I must say I’m warming to the idea

and this too:

there are difficult times ahead for Alex Salmond and the SNP.

He’s been elected to office on the back of a manifesto setting out the SNP’s vision for the next 4 years. Yet with 18 MSPs short of a majority administration, it looks like he’s going to have to do a fair bit of horse-trading to get any of it onto the parliament floor.

It's clear that Kezia is a big fan of the SNP Government, but not as big a fan as the chap who's coming to replace her.

He's been clearing out his websites recently, dumping the content of his blogs over the side in preparation for not having any baggage when he arrives. Has he done enough? Well, remember Brian Lironi was knifed by Lord Foulkes for daring to disagree over Foulkes' ridiculous accusations about the SNP? Who do you think said:

I don’t think that bringing up the SNPs use of language was the most sensible move but language matters and Scotland has an anti-English problem.
George Foulkes said he was responding to concerns from a constituent about anti-English racism. From that point he tried to attach this to comments from SNP MSPs. I’m not sure of that completely stands up.

Will Wendy Strike Again? Can Iain Gray stop her before she destroys them all? Is anyone still watching? Is this better than Home and Away?

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