Saturday, 21 June 2008

So this Calman Commission thing ...

A chap I know is pretty expert on Freedom of Information. Sad, I know, but it keeps him happy - he should get himself a deerstalker in my opinion.

Anyway, he had a wee look at the Commission for Repainting Devolution website recently, stroked his chin and said "hang on, these fellows think Freedom of Information doesn't apply to them".
In his usual manner he pondered the situation and is forming a view that, since the Commission is a creature of the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body, it is covered by the Freedom of Information legislation whether they like it or not.

That should give them a few headaches, given their desire to keep everything secret. Which brings us onto another point, John Loughton, erstwhile Big Brother winner, recently spent a couple of months being filmed 24 hours a day - including during private moments like using the toilet. Bit late to start being coy, is it not?

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