Monday, 30 June 2008

La garde meurt mais ne se rend pas!

Watching the unseemly rush of Labour MSPs seeking elevation to the giddy heights of opposition leader, I can't help reflecting that it is, by and large, a prime example of ambition unfettered by talent.
Cathy Jamieson is the best of the lot, performing far better now than she ever did as a Minister, calm and considered, setting aside the shrill hectoring so beloved of some of her colleagues in favour of making a point. Her performance at FMQs was steady and well-handled, her dignity throughout the Wendy Alexander farce setting her well apart from her less sober fellow travellers.

I may have said this before, but the rest of them should stand back and admire as the one true leader steps forward to fill the void (it's a kind of anti-matter thing). She's been a superhero, holds fast to her principles, she can even bring her own scandal. She's an experienced election planner, she knows her history, she is most definitely one of life's visionaries, she's right up to date with all this modern technology stuff, and she even entertains the opposition.
What more could anyone want? Give us Helen Eadie! Eadie to leadie! Her contributions to debates are legendary and wonderful, her rapier-sharp analysis is at least in a par with anyone else in the Labour group, and people would flock to support her. Her questions to the First Minister would be fantabulous - we'd be able to sell tickets for that - and she can spot nuclear weapons on Google maps.

Go on Labour, have courage, choose a real hero!

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