Friday, 7 March 2008

Eadie to Leadie!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Helen Eadie should lead the Labour Party. Not just in Scotland, but throughout the known universe.
The woman proves herself time and time again as the greatest thinker in Labour's ranks. Here's another piece of rapier-sharp political analysis from Her Eadieness (you'll note I've changed the scribe's name to save him any embarrassment):
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From: Eadie H (Helen), MSP
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Subject: Scotsman gets the most money from Scottish Government
Given that The Herald gives the most benefit to the SNP it's interesting to note that it does so much worse than the Scotsman who tops the poll - maybe now that the Scotsman is giving the SNP such a hard time maybe we shall see Gov. expenditure on the Scotsman take a nosedive?

See that incisive instinct? Neither you nor I have the ability to think like that. What a woman! What a politician! What a philosopher! I don't care if she thinks the Scotsman is a person!

A random thought just sneaked in - maybe this is how Labour politicians really think - that public money should be spent on advertising according to how each newspaper treats the party in power. Next they'd be wanting some back in donations registered on the Electoral Commission's website!

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