Tuesday, 4 March 2008

I'm not Spartacus!

In the film Spartacus, there's a scene where the Romans are asking who Spartacus is, and one after another his followers step forward to claim his name in order to save him. All around the valley in which they are standing are dead bodies - why did no-one say "that's Spartacus there - the dead guy over there - he's Spartacus"? Seems to me to be far more sensible.
A similar question is why nobody in Labour's Scottish branch is telling Wendy Alexander to step aside from her leadership role. Watching her lead the Labour group in Parliament is like watching a troupe of blind tapdancers dancing through a minefield - you can see the damage being done but you know they can't hear your advice for the noise of the mines exploding around them.
There are apparently some Labour MSPs who think that they've still got three years to sort it out. Not if they have a bad Westminster election they don't - lose half a dozen seats and the slide will be impossible to stop, Labour will be finished in Scotland for a generation. An indication of just how bad it is - Vanessa Ewing, Wendy's longest-serving member of staff is apparently off to pastures new - the curse of the Wendy strikes again!


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your Blog with Interest and concern . IT IS QUITE OBVIOUS THAT YOU ARE WRITING THIS IN Linda Fabiani's time and abusing taxpayers money. I will
be taking this up with her and Alex. I have monitored your comments and times .

Calum Cashley said...

How nice to hear from you again, it's been such a long time. I'm delighted to see you're still well.

I'm also amused that anyone thinks I work standard office hours, the job I do wouldn't be possible just doing 9-5.

I'll struggle on though, I'll keep right on to the end of the road!

Let me know how you get on with Mr Salmond, he's a lovely fellow and always willing to help. You might want to find out who I work for first, though.