Monday 31 March 2008

She's got a brand new secret advisor ...

Guess who's got a new advisor? Yup, Wendy Alexander has a brand new 'unofficial advisor' - one Philip Chalmers.

Who he?

He's Donald Dewar's old spinner - left under a bit of a cloud in January 2000 when he was caught drunk in charge of a motor vehicle and then drink driving - one of the offences committed with a prostitute in his car.

Mr Chalmers had been the spinner in charge of the drink-driving campaign ...

He hasn't been idle, though

Labour brought him in to run the Visit Scotland website under PFI - which promptly lost a couple of million quid. We should make clear, of course, that he was actually being employed by Schlumberger - a company that donates to Labour coffers.

He then scooted off to work for ATOS - selling IT systems to the London Government like that for the 2012 Olympics - including the system for ID cards - is this Wendy's new-found socialism in action?

Is he back on the advice of David "howlin mad" Whitton?

Brian Lironi, Matthew Marr, Kerron Cross, Tony McIlroy, Gavin Yates, Simon Pia, and now the return of Chalmers - Wendy doesn't have a good track record with advisors.

Wonder if John Rafferty will be bombing back any time soon?

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