Saturday, 22 March 2008

Does not compute

This Computing For Labour must be a good company. It's persuaded all of these MSPs to use public money to pay for services that Parliament provides free of charge:

David Whitton Sep-07 £235.00

Irene Oldfather Oct-07 £235.00

Pauline Mcneill Sep-07 £235.00

Kenneth Macintosh Dec-07 £176.25

Lewis Macdonald Nov-07 £235.00

Andy Kerr Jul-07 £235.00

Cathy Jamieson Sep-07 £235.00

Iain Gray Dec-07 £100.00

Iain Gray Dec-07 £235.00

Trish Godman Apr-07 £235.00

Karen Gillon Apr-07 £235.00

Patricia Ferguson Oct-07 £176.25

Helen Eadie Aug-07 £235.00

Bill Butler Dec-07 £235.00

Rhona Brankin Jul-07 £235.00

Sarah Boyack May-07 £235.00

Jackie Baillie Sep-07 £235.00

Wendy Alexander Oct-07 £235.00

Lib Dems pay for EARS (no, I don't know either)


Anonymous said...

It is obviously some top secret labour software that requires all expenses paid junkets to London to learn.

Shame it doesn't seem to include a basic accountability package though.

Sweetie said...

What services are these?

Anonymous said...