Tuesday 11 March 2008

Such a pittance

How hard it is for the poorest in our society to get by on the pittance they have.

Remember Wendy Alexander complaining in October that the £22,000 extra allowance she gets as leader of the Labour party on top of the £247,475 her party gets to mount an effective opposition on top of the £60,700 she gets to run her office just wasn't enough for her to meet the demands of the job?

This has nothing to do with her being poorer than at any time in the last 20 years, this is about the wodge of cash she has to employ staff, buy research, that kind of thing.

So, anyway, she wanted more than £22,000. So now that we're approaching the end of the financial year, let's take a look at the figures and see what she's spent of it so far. Use the search page to search for the Party Leader's Allowance and you'll find that she's spent £10 on a taxi in London from Clapham to Dover House and, er, that's it.

£22,000 wasn't enough but a tenner covers it? No wonder she thinks she's poor.

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