Monday, 11 February 2008

On the Trail of the Lonesome Eadie

In these times of trial and tribulation for the Great Wendy Alexander, we should never forget that other great leadership hopeful - yes, that's right, Helen Eadie, she of the tasteful floral blouse and rapier-sharp wit.

Word reaches me from Fife across a bridge with no tolls that Helen's been hard at it. Work I mean.

In the pale yellow corner (imagine a bad case of jaundice) were the doughty two - Willie Rennie and Jim Tolson like a latter-day Batman and Robin (was Robin Batman's batman?) came out snarling about the plan by the Scarborough Muir Group to develop land it owns at Rosyth waterfront - I think they want to build houses (are those nuclear submarine carcasses still stored at Rosyth? What a selling point that would be.)

In the floral corner is the heroine of the hour, MSP extraordinaire Helen Eadie. Who says:
“I think they have had to be brought kicking and screaming to the table to comment on this.
“It’s only when I have been so pro-active on the issue that they now have been forced to take a position.
“It’s a great pity that they didn’t join the discussions that the Rosyth Waterfront Liaison Group appealed for earlier in the year and it’s a great pity that they’re not having any regard for the people of Rosyth’s views either and are only looking at the business interests.”
“Very clearly at the public consultation events, the people have spelled out what their desires are and if they want to ignore the views of local people, I certainly don’t think that’s wise.”
Can't really argue with that, can you? No, I didn't think so.
On the 16th January, Helen Eadie had even gone to the trouble of arranging a wee do in committee room 6 of Parliament for supporters of Scarborough Muir's development.
That wasn't her finished, either. She also made sure that Chief Planner Jim McKinnon would be meeting the developers at the end of the month. Yes, that's right, in spite of all the nonsense, any MSP can get a meeting with the Chief Planner for major developers.

That's the way to do it, you show them Helen! Eadie for leader. I know where she can get funding for her leadership campaign - and from people who will be quite glad to be public about it.

I'm sure she will have forgotten, but in May 2006, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath Labour Party (Gordon Brown's constituency as well as Helen Eadie's) received a most generous donation of £1,350 from a company called Muir Homes and in August last year the Labour Party's Scottish branch received an equally kind donation of £2,500 from a company called Scarborough Muir Group Ltd.

I'm sure they'd be delighted to sponsor the Eadie to leadie campaign.


Malcolm Harvey said...

In light of Ms Eadie's histrionics in the Chamber with regard to a donor she dreamt up, am I the only one thinking that this is something SHE may want to declare an interest in?

PC Jones from St. Leonard's said...

I've just noticed that Jim Tolson spent more on his election campaign that the law allows. It might only be a few quids, but it is still over the limit.

I will have to add this to my investigatory list.

There also seems to be quite a lot of Dunfermline entries on the Lib Dem party campaign account. Some of these should certainly have been declared on the constituency return.

My list is getting Soooo big I will need those extra Police Officers that bloke MacAskill is going to give me.