Friday, 1 February 2008

Get that crowbar in there!

Why has it been such a trauchle to get Wendy Alexander to obey the rules? Here's the donor list she's been forced to declare today:
GMB Scotland £999
Michael D Rutterford £999
Neil Davidson £995
Nicholas Kuenssberg £995
John Lyons £995
Phoenix Car Company £995
Strathvale Holdings Limited £995
City Refrigeration Holdings Limited £995
David J Pitt Watson £990
Paul Green* £950 * forfeited to the Electoral Commission on 3 December 2007

What was so difficult? The Paul Green money, though - still no declaration on the Electoral Commission's website - did she really hand the money over?

She also claims to have received advice from the Standards Committee clerks that she didn't have to declare these donations in the Register of Members' Interests. That's simply not credible. If it's true she should publish the correspondence, if it's not true she should apologise to the clerks and resign her seat - smearing other people in an attempt to escape punishment for her actions is no kind of behaviour for an MSP to be engaging in.

Now - the Scottish Industry Forum ...

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Anonymous said...

Strathvale Holdings Limited Did you say?

Surely not the same Strathvale Holdings Limited who let Pauline McNeill rent her office for just £1 per annum?!?!