Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Go on, tell me if this makes sense to you

Some people say my anorak is glued to my ears. There I was gently leafing through the Register of Interests of MSPs, happily saying "ho" and betimes "hum" until I came to Paul Martin's return which stopped me in my tracks:
Since my election to the Scottish Parliament in 1999 I have received sums of money from an anonymous donor or donors, requesting that I donate the money to Stobhill Hospital. These monies are addressed to me at my Constituency office or the Scottish Parliament and are accompanied by letters and newspaper cuttings referring to health matters, in particular Stobhill Hospital. Despite following various avenues of enquiry I have been unable to identify the donor or donors hence these donations have not required to be declared. From May 1999 until November 2003 I received the sum of £130.00 which I passed to Stobhill Hospital Endowment Fund. In June 2007 I passed the sum of £519.88, which had accumulated over a four year period, to Marie Curie Hospice who are currently running the Big Build Appeal to build a new hospice within the grounds of Stobhill Hospital.
[Registered 27 August 2007]

What? There is a case to be made about anonymous donations but naff that, I just want to marvel at this fantastic meringue construction.

It takes some incredible degree of talent to write something like this. I'm awe-struck.

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