Friday, 18 January 2008

Helen a handcart

I received a communique from my mole last night, it began like this:

"The seagulls are flying low tonight"
"The geese are on the island"
"Zis ees very interesting"
"Why are you speaking in a funny voice?"
Anyway, the dialogue was lengthy but the upshot was this - Holyrood TV where you can watch the proceedings of Parliament online as they happen and where you can choose from an excellent archive has become required viewing in London, and not just among Scots.

I'm told that it began when under-heid bummers working on the instructions of heid bummer Broon began watching to see what they could do to help and their stories of horror spread so that now there is a bit of a fan club down there for Holyrood with Labour party workers watching events (especially FMQs). Some of them are watching so they can offer advice while others are watching for their own pleasure and research - as it were.

The general opinion seems to be "Who'd have thought that the captain of this Titanic would steer towards the icebergs?" (I'm paraphrasing, of course) and one chap with an interest in what goes on in Scotland putting forward the considered theory that "she's worse than Michael Foot".
With the mutterings of discontent throughout the Labour group at Holyrood and the threat of John McTernan getting sent north again, Labour in Scotland have started singing a new song:

I know the very hero! Step forward Helen Eadie!

This woman has all the qualifications - she was even on James Callaghan's general election campaign team - and look how well that went. Eadie to leadie I say!

NB - a wee thank you to NB for the use of the terrible pun as a title - NB used hand basket but I prefer a hand cart - much faster

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