Monday 7 January 2008

Ach Wendy - stop it!

Spin doctor resigns because he can't work with her, another one goes because he couldn't be civil in public, one coming in made it clear who he thought were the real politicians in Scotland (and Wendy wasn't among them), another had the job and then never - gone before he got here, then there was her dodgy donors, obfuscation, misdirection, discombobulation, inarticulation, disingenuity, and Trappist vow of silence...

Now her election agent has joined the Matthew Marr club.

Stop it Wendy - it's not even funny anymore.

Well, maybe a wee bit.

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Anseo said...

Labour Councillor Terry Kelly has said something stupid...shurely shume mishtake.

In fairness to El Tel Kel he may be Wendy's election agent but at least he didn`t vote for her, or himself in fact - he has confessed to not bothering to vote!

Good to know Labour representatives are taking the process which elects them seriously.