Monday, 28 January 2008

What a delightful, proactive and excellent Government

I've been looking at how well our Government has been doing. You can read all about it on the Government website. How marvellous is your SNP Government these days?

Well, today it announced:

A crack-down on organised crime - why did Labour never do this in all the time they were in power?

£10 million immediate investment and a look at changing their funding - ending ring-fencing, freeing up universities to get on with their core tasks of teaching and research and freeing them up from form-filling, box-ticking and reporting to politicians.

An end to driving civil servants out of the capital - in future there will only be relocations where there are wider benefits for the taxpayer and no compulsory redundancies - that should end the waste we saw with things like moving Scottish Natural Heritage.

The interim report of the Broadcasting Commission - the first ever look at the state of broadcasting in Scotland and how it can be improved.

Promoting Scottish culture in Europe - supporting our artists and writers, selling Scotland to a European audience.

Engaging producers in the debate on food - making sure that our producers are taking part in the discussion so they'll be part of the way forward.

Something on community right to buy - I don't know much about CRTB, but I can tell you that it seems to be working fine and diddly on Gigha - a wonderful place you should try to visit.

Plans to save £2million a year (plus the planet) on Government publications - too many glossy and over-produced documents came out of government in Scotland in the last decade, it's time for some sense to prevail.

A clampdown on fraud in the NHS - stop the fraud and the theft and be able to treat more people while making sure that honest members of staff get the benefit too.

Not a bad day's work, I think.


Anonymous said...

"A crack-down on organised crime - why did Labour never do this in all the time they were in power?"

What??? And dry up their last few remaining sources for donations.

Calum Cashley said...

That's a terrible thing to say, I'm sure that all Labour donors are above board and honest.