Friday, 4 January 2008

Private Fraser - all doomed

Murdo Fraser MSP, Annabel Goldie's pet deputy in Parliament has decided to hand out to Alex Salmond MSP and MP, First Minister of this parish, a sound thrashing on the grounds that Private Fraser thinks Salmond doesn't vote often enough in the Parliament in London.

Leaving aside how little of an MP's job involves voting (see the public whip website - linked from this marvellous website), let's have a look at voting records in Westminster. Remembering that the SNP MPs do not vote on matters which do not impact on Scotland, Salmond's record since the 2005 General Election doesn't seem too bad:

134 votes out of 598, 22.4% - Alex Salmond SNP
158 votes out of 598, 26.4% - David Cameron - Conservative
259 votes out of 598, 43.3% - David Mundell - Conservative
100 votes out of 598, 16.7% - Gordon Brown - Labour

Should Cameron and Mundell resign with immediate effect?

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Roger Thomas said...

What has it to do with Fraser? Is he giving out career advice to Salmond to improve his performance as an MSP.

Surely in a democracy if the voters don't like it, they will tell him.