Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Ach no!

Just when there's an opinion poll that makes you think that we might have a wee contest to get excited about (see some soft soap), another one comes along (from the Daily Express) to make you think that it's not going to be such fun:

Scottish Constituency Vote
SNP 38
Labour 29
Conservative 14
Dem 14
Other 6

Scottish Regional Vote
SNP 30
Labour 27
Conservative 13
Dem 12
Other 18

Ach come on, Labour, Scotland needs a decent opposition. It's time to stop the scaremongering, lay out your vision for Scotland and get on with politics.

Might I suggest you start by replacing your leaders - Helen Eadie is waiting, Duncan McNeil is in the wings, Irene Oldfather is straining at the leash, and Karen Whitefield is ready to rumble. It's time to take drastic action and restore some pride in your party (but make them pay for their own leadership campaigns).

This helpful advice is provided free of charge by your friendly SNP.

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