Wednesday, 27 August 2008

All good things come to those who wait

Fresh on the heels of the news that Chris Hoy would "be delighted to represent Scotland in the Olympic Games" as part of a Scottish Olympic team comes a delicious rumour.

Word has it (I trust Word, he's a fine chap) that the Margaret Curran candidacy of Glasgow East is to be emulated in Glenrothes by none other than Fife's very own Helen Eadie.

Apparently, Helen's constituency overlap with the Glenrothes Westminster seat means that she would bring her considerable personal vote into play, thus making it a close contest.

Just a rumour just now, but who knows what might happen?
Oh yes.


Jeff said...

Crikey. Nice exclusive there Mr Cashley.

Makes sense too. Not entirely convinced you'd be backing the SNP on this one though!

Calum Cashley said...

Well, I'd be torn ...

Stephen Glenn said...

Rumour has it that the First Minister Holyrood and Westminster seats also overlap. Whoa who have thought the SNP would keep rattling on on this track with that glaring example to show.

Grogipher said...

Can you just imagine the mighty Eadie debating in the mother of Parliaments?

It'd make me weak at the knees!

Calum Cashley said...

SNP rattling on this track?

I don't know, I give you the inside story on a very important issue and you try to reduce it to a petty party political point.

Tumph tumph tosh!