Thursday, 28 August 2008

Lib Dem candidate

As a curious by-stander type chap, I had a wee keek at the Lib Dem website and found a biography of Harry Wills - Lib Dem candidate for Glenrothes. My curiosity was piqued because there's a claim there that he ran Operation Ship Shape for RRS Discovery and I simply don't remember him being there. It may be that I have simply forgotten him, but it made me have another look.

Operation Ship Shape (not Shipshape as he's put in his biog) raised funds when the Discovery first returned to Dundee. It was operational between 1993 and 1994 and its documents are held in Dundee University's archive.

I also note that he claims to have been Chief Executive of several major PLCs. I just can't find information that backs up this claim. I did find out that he was one of Robert Maxwell's fixers once upon a time, was managing director of a couple of firms, and middle manager in others. He bought his own company in 1998.

He's down as being Vice President of the Dundee and Tayside Chamber of Commerce and Industry but that body is, I believe, no more (Johnston Carmichael being the liquidators?) - although I will have to check.

There's a claim to being Chamber of Commerce Businessman of the Year - no indication of which Chamber or which year, but it obviously wasn't well publicised.

He was Acting Chief Executive of Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce at the time the Chamber hailed the SNP Government's Enterprise Strategy, though.

He may be entirely above board and just awful at expressing himself, but I think I'll have a look around, just to be sure.

Harry Wills biography:
Several Chief Executive positions with major PLCs.
Harvard Business School Scholarship
Chamber of Commerce Businessman of the Year
Vice President of the Dundee and Tayside Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Acting Chief Executive - Company Doctor - Dundee and Angus Chamer of Commerce 2007-08
Chairman Operation Shipshape raising vital funds for restoration of RRS Discovery in Dundee As Chief Executive with a major European Group

Parliamentary Candidate
Glasgow Cathcart October 1974 and 1979 (in 1979 increased the Lib Dem vote in crucial marginal seat leading to the defeat of teddy Taylor during the national swing to the Conservatives

Harry is an Elder and member of the Kirk Session of Creich, Flisk & Kilmany Church of Scotland in the Kingdom of Fife.
Harry enjoys gardening, walking and reading - thrillers, history and political biographies


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