Friday, 29 August 2008

A Conservative Monster

Ah, the Conservative candidate for the Glenrothes contest has been announced. Step forward Maurice Golden.

Maurice has an interesting wee item in his biography - he was chair of Dundee University Students' Conservative and Unionist Association - a colourful group. In the mid 1980s they were banned from Dundee University Students' Association (something to do with bribing freshers to become members).

I hear that they had been allowed back into the building by the time Maurice got there - but they still referred to themselves as "The Monsters". Self-aware perhaps?

Maurice Golden - a true Conservative Monster.


Anonymous said...

Cmon Calum, enough dissing of the fringe candidates . . .how about getting some dirt on the New Labour representative?

Calum Cashley said...


Here's me offering pearls of wisdom too...

If you can tell me who the Labour candidate is going to be I'll tell you all I know (except the bits I don't tell you).