Monday, 17 August 2009

Another policy from Labour

Labour announced a policy recently of going back to the old-fashioned rates system to finance local government. Another pop at a regressive tax rather than a system based on the ability to pay - Labour continues to walk away from what it once stood for.

Now there's another Labour policy announced as Frank McAveety calls for newly unemployed footballers to be engaged by the Government to coach children. Here's a point or two:

There are more than 300 players in that category - that would be 300 additional coaches in Scotland (on the Government payroll, of course, which Labour appears to think can continue to grow even as Labour policies bite into Scottish budgets) - that would be on top of the coaching opportunities funded by CashBack (1,700 volunteers and other lovely stuff).

How many of these players have their coaching qualifications? Just having been a player doesn't mean they can coach.

What about disclosure checks? They'd all need a disclosure before working with children.

Won't these players be hoping to get back into playing football?

Another policy without thought from Labour.

Mind how you go.

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