Friday 28 August 2009

I'm right again!

When I remarked on John Prescott's support for Kenny MacAskill, I speculated that Charlie Kennedy would soon come out on Kenny's side as well. Charlie did not disappoint, in the Ross-shire Journal, this former Lib Dem leader said:
"Mr Al-Megrahi is dying, and the Justice Secretary was required to find a balance between justice and compassion in these circumstances. It was his judgement as Minister that compassion was appropriate. It is not surprising that some disagree very strongly given the scale of the atrocity committed, but I think the decision was probably the right one even if it was not necessarily taken in the right way.
"This is not a party political matter, and it should not really be an international political matter either. It is a question of justice, rightly taken by the Scottish Justice Secretary, and for which he has rightly been held to account by MSPs with a full range of opinions in the Scottish Parliament."

Have I ever told you that I think Charlie Kennedy is a fine fellow?

Mind how you go!


Stuart Dickson said...

Michael Martin’s peerage was quietly announced today

Picture 10 I am not a regular reader of the London Gazette, so am grateful to the Twitter feed of Nigel Fletcher, who alerted me to the news in today’s edition that the man who was the first Speaker to be ousted from that job for three hundred hears has nonetheless been rewarded with a peerage.

subrosa said...

You ought to get a job with Mike Smithson Calum. Mind you I too thought you were right. :)