Wednesday 12 August 2009

I've been asked

I've been asked, so;

1. I think Mary Queen of Scots bones should stay where they are. I seem to recall that it was her son who chose her burial place, and he certainly had the opportunity to move her if he wished. If her son wanted her buried where she is who has the right to move her remains?

2. I hold no candle for Mary's descendant, the current queen, nor am I particularly exercised by her position continuing. I tend towards being a republican but, since the royal prerogative is exercised by Ministers and the monarch doesn't have any real power, it could be argued we live in a de facto republic in any case.

3. Cricket - I once watched a test match with my grandfather and tend to agree with the suggestion that the English, being an essentially non-religious people, invented cricket to give themselves a sense of eternity (that should get me a thick ear from my mother), but I have no objection to it being on television - you can always switch over. Some of my colleagues have a different opinion - they like cricket! There's a Westminster candidate over in the west of the country who likes nothing better than to settle down and watch England play (he supports England at cricket, I don't know why), there's an SNP Parliamentary researcher who has an appearance on Youtube as a supporter at a cricket match (not supporting England), and there's an SNP councillor in Edinburgh who has been known to cheer on a cricket team playing for the Ashes (you'll never guess which team). I can't see what they get out of it, but there you go. I do like watching football from time to time, though, and I think there's too much of that broadcast on TV and on radio, we should have more elephant polo I say!

Mind how you go!

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