Wednesday 30 September 2009

combien coûte ce chienchien dans la fenêtre?

Pardon my French. Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP has been told that the Edinburgh Tram Project might cost as much as £750 million and not be in place until 2013 (nine years after the original start date), leaving Edinburgh to find £250 million when finances are getting chokingly tight as a result of the cuts coming from the Labour Government in London.

Jenny Dawe (council leader) and TIE have both poo-poohed Ms Somerville's news (obviously not Blackadder fans). Who to believe? Well, it was Shirley-Anne who revealed that 1b was being cancelled - and that was denied at the time as well.

A wee shame.

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Anonymous said...

Et oui! Mais votre francais est tout a fait charmant, sinon absolument parfait!

The trams have been a joke from day one as far as I can see. Is there anyone who actually supports this daft notion, and if there is, did they seriously think it was a good idea to hvve the middle of our capital (a beautiful capital) look like a building site in Homecoming year?