Tuesday, 1 September 2009

In praise of young Maddox

That chappie with the Scotsman masthead tattooed on his posterior to show his undying loyalty to his employer, David Maddox, has scribed a piece in today's paper which is well worth reading. Herewith a few excerpts:

the SNP coming out stronger
the events of the summer have been an important rite of passage for the SNP in Government, which, while painful, it has come through
One comma too many in there, but I'll let him off.

nobody can accuse Mr MacAskill of lacking moral courage or dignity
it is obvious that he actually made [his decision] based on his view of compassion and justice.
[Nicola Sturgeon's] cool and assured handling ... left many in England wishing she was their health minister
Mr Swinney has dealt with the crisis in the sort of measured and constructive manner that is typical of the way he conducts his ministerial business
There's lots more in there as well, I suggest you pop out and get yourself a copy (or wheech down to the library for a swift peruse). An excellent piece of column-writing and one I can thoroughly approve of!

Mind how you go.


James said...

Nice to be nice, but I'm looking forward to a time when the quality of one's writing isn't assessed by SNP bloggers by consistency with nationalist principles.

I, for instance, like Alan Cochrane's writing too, even though he's wrong on almost all counts.

Calum Cashley said...

You think I should view things with a unionist's eyes?

I think Alan Cochrane is an excellent columnist - in spite of being a Dundee United supporter (as is Brian Taylor; journalism is in a bad way these days) - and I don't think he's "wrong on almost all counts", I quite often find myself agreeing with him when others might expect my partisan blood to be boiling. You can't beat an outside eye to tell you your curtains are dirty.

Anonymous said...

Love the curtains analogy!

It is, indeed, good news that Mr Maddox is being won over by the good solid common sense of the current government.

(Hope I haven't overdone the comas!)

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Tris, I'm usually in a coma after I read one of Maddox's articles with a headline of "SNP accused..."

Anonymous said...

LOL.... well spotted Conan... I was testing you to see if you were paying attention....but of course, you knew that!