Wednesday, 2 December 2009

SNP in massive, unassailable lead!

Well, OK, 2 percentage points up on Labour: SNP 34%, Labour 32%, Con 15%, Lib Dem 12%, other 6% for Westminster, it's 36%, 32%, 12%, and 12% for the Holyrood constituency vote. Interestingly, 12% is the lowest figure that Ipsos Mori have ever reported in Scotland so the Conservatives and the Lib Dems are both in some serious trouble.

What's really strange, though, is the quote from the Labour spokesman as reported earlier today - "If there was a general election tomorrow, the poll shows Labour would beat the SNP handsomely, and that we lead at Holyrood too".

How does that work? Is someone there not paying attention?

We really must improve education in this country.


Anonymous said...

Labour arithmetic and other arithmetic are not the same thing....

I'm sure the new Education Secretary will sort something out.

Traquir said...

Perhaps that would be because the Labour comrades get their education from the Sun Newspaper.

Now this one has got to win the award for most biased British media reporting of the year. For the latest Mori poll as you pointed out which shows from their official results that the SNP leads in Westminster and the Scottish Parliament: SNP/Labour Westminster (34%/32%) and Scottish Parliament ( 36%/32%) -

some of the usual suspect like the Scotsman took their normal track of ignoring the poll despite heralding previous polls showing a Labour lead, but the Scottish Sun goes one step further and reports the poll but changes it all first !!!!

"ALEX Salmond has suffered another blow - after a poll showed voters are backing Labour over the SNP at Westminster AND Holyrood."

"The figures for Westminster show Labour has 36 per cent support and the SNP 32 per cent. "
"In Holyrood Labour lead with 28 per cent support, compared to 27 per cent for the SNP"

It would appear the British media are in full general election mode and no longer satisfied with half truths, but are now going for blatant lies. Just when it appear the British could not nauseate me any further they go the prove me wrong, but certainly shows they are running scared.

Niall Robertson said...

Apparently YouGov Polls put Labour at 39% and SNP at only 24% .. but then again, it was said that 469 out of the 1078 were Labour voters!

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