Sunday 21 October 2007

Wee Wendy - what is she talking about?

I was watching television today - excellent invention - and Labour's great hope in Scotland, Wendy Alexander, was the star of the show.

Trident - those big nasty bombs that live in Scotland's waters - weapons of mass destruction in our own country - what's her opinion? Ah well, she didn't think it was right to have one.

That's right - defence is reserved to London, she said, the Scottish Parliament is not supposed to rule on defence, so nuclear weapons shouldn't be discussed in Scotland. If I followed her argument properly (it weaved about a bit), she didn't want English MPs to tell her what to do on education, so she wouldn't tell Scottish MPs what to do on Trident.

Give Glenn Campbell his due, he kept a straight face, but she didn't give an inch. Labour's leader in Scotland refuses to have an opinion on what of the most important issues of modern politics. Everyone I know has an opinion on nuclear weapons and whether they should be in Scotland.

Nearly every adult in Scotland has an opinion on nuclear weapons - and a majority want them removed from Scottish waters.

But not Wendy Alexander who officially doesn't have an opinion.

So that's that then, we can't expect Labour in Scotland to engage in the debate about nuclear weapons.
Just as well some of the rest of us are still willing to debate all of the issues that are of national importance. Grant Thoms, the Tartan Hero points out that it's a breach of the non-proliferation treaty to be bringing in Broon's New Bombs and urges us to get along to the March Against Trident on November 3rd.
Of course, if you can't make it to the march, or you don't want to, you can always have an opinion.

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