Tuesday 16 October 2007

We’re Backing Calum!

Davie Hutchison -
Candidate for Westminster 2005 and Holyrood 2007.
“Edinburgh North & Leith needs a dynamic and energetic MP who will stand up for this area’s interests and stand up for Scotland. Having campaigned with Calum in a number of elections I know that he can be that MP and I urge you to vote for him.”

Councillor Steve Cardownie –

Forth ward, leader of SNP group on Edinburgh Council.
“I campaigned with Calum Cashley in the local council and Scottish Parliament elections in May of this year. His hard work, dedication and imagination are exactly what we need in an MP to represent North and Leith.”

Alyn Smith MEP
“I've campaigned with Calum knocking doors all over Edinburgh and have no doubt that his political instincts are sound, he has a track record as an effective campaigner and his work rate is second to none. I recommend him as clearly the best candidate for Edinburgh North and Leith in the forthcoming Westminster election.”