Monday 22 October 2007

When the man from the Ministry turned up

The SNP Scottish Government held a Trident Summit today. The Summit was to look at ways of ensuring the removal of Trident from Scottish waters.

The shrill denouncements came thick and fast, of course, with Wendy Alexander at the head, refusing to have an opinion herself but standing on her very tip-toes to shriek that no-one else in Scotland should be discussing nuclear weapons.

Then there was David Cairns MP (one of the junior bods at the Scotland Office) saying the SNP Government should be busy sorting out the mess in Scotland created by the Labour Party before seeking to make the world a better place. Something about walking and chewing gum comes to mind, but shouldn't David Cairns be busy fighting Scotland's corner in any case? It takes us back to the old question of whether the Scotland Office represents Scotland in the London Government or represents the London Government in Scotland.

All in all, a veritable feast of opposition to people in Scotland having their say - except from the MoD, the Ministry of Defence. They went to the Summit - officially. The man from the Ministry turned up and engaged - now there's a lesson for Labour.

Opinion polls in Scotland consistently show support for the principled SNP position in opposition to keeping nuclear weapons here. It's time to rid Scotland of these weapons of mass destruction once and for all.

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Anonymous said...

Labour have become so blindly arrogant that they think they can act like right-wing Tories and their shrinking core base of voters won't notice.

Trouble is there even more shrinking core of members won't be able to get them out to vote since this type of Dubya-a-like behaviour is making them leave in droves.